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Paid for shoes and purse to be dyed to match my dress for my son's wedding, the owner dyed them wrong color also the purse was stained and blotchy.When I asked for a refund he refused, I asked if he had a solution, He said he did not, then told me he had to think about it and to come back later.

I went back 3 times to try to resolve the issue, was told by the same owner..did you change your attitude..I ruined my shoes and purse, what are you going to do about it..he replied:..I'm doing nothing..and told me to leave the store while he walked into his back room. I even suggested if he refused to refund my money to at least dye the shoes and purse black (because black is the only color at this point that they can be dyed)so that I may possibly use them for another occasion and it would not be a total loss, he refused. My husband went back to try and resolve the issue and he gave my husband the same replies. My daughter also tried to calmly reason with him explaining we are on a short time frame and that he was paid for the service and to try to find a way to possibly fix the problem but he refused to reason with her also and told her to leave because he wanted to eat his lunch.

My daughter expressed to him that the wedding was in two weeks his reply was..I don't care..The owner of this shop is very unprofessional, disrespectful, unreasonable and unwilling to work with customers. The owner's behavior was beyond irrational. Clearly he does not know his trade because if he did he would know how to rectify the issue also not a good business owner because if he were he would know how to fix a service issue that was paid for and went wrong. This business caused me much stress only two weeks before my son's wedding plus more money for another pair of shoes and a purse and finding another place that can have them dyed and ready in time for the wedding.

He had absolutely NO compassion for the stress he caused us.Do not use this business for anything of importance.

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